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1. Inviting quotations for providing Alluminium Partition in Earth station at DDK,Hyderabad -Reg.
2. Inviting quotations for Supply and fixing of vinyle flooring in Earth station at DDK, Hyderabad- Reg.
3. Inviting quotations for providing False Ceiling at Earth station at DDK,Hyderabad -Reg.
4. Inviting quotations for Purchase of 1)Autodesk 3ds Max 3D Modeling and (2) 4k Capture & Play Back Card – Reg.  Amended
5. Inviting quotations for maintenance and painting of Uplink- Dish at DDK, Hyderabad_reg.
6. Inviting quotations for purchasing of Black Magic design Decklink Studio 4K Card - Reg.
7.Inviting quotations for wild growth cutting and clearing from the premises of Studios,Transmitter and Staff quarters at DDK, Hyderabad – Reg.  Amended
8. Inviting quotations for supply and fixing of vinyle flooring in Earth Station at DDK, Hyderabad.
9. Quotations for providing false ceiling at proposed UPS room and at entrance to Earth Station,DDK,Hyderabad.
10. Inviting quotations for fixing of cable tray on a stone wall at Earth Station, DDK,Hyderabad– Reg.  Amended
11. Inviting quotations for painting of OB Van and DG Van (including necessary materils & Painting) at DDK, Hyderabad -Reg.  Amended  New Amendement
12. Inviting quotations for supply and fixing of wooden Flooring in MSR, at DDK, Hyderabad - Reg.
13 . Inviting quotations for Earth station up linking Dish Antenna work and measurements etc.  Amended
  New Amendement
14. Repair/ Replacement/ Cleaning of Window Glass and Handles – Reg.
15 . Inviting quotations  Earth station uplinking Dish work and  measurements etc.
16 . Inviting quotations for Purchase of  Plywood & Decolumn  Sheets etc. – Reg.
17 . MOEI and Fans for Doordarshan Kendra, Hyderabad for the period Six Months from June 2018 to November 2018 Reg.            Appendix-A
18. Inviting quotations for Purchase of  Copper Electrical Cables & Bulb holders – Reg.Amended
19.Inviting quotatios for purchasing of Black Magic design Decklink Studio 4K Card - Reg.
20. SITC of Gents and Ladies Toilets wiring near MSR Floor & MSR new construction wall internal wiring – Reg.
21. Inviting sealed quotations for Annual Maintenance (AMC)- Non Comprehensive for Computers along with accessories etc;for one year- Reg.
22 . Inviting quotations for servicing of defective module and replacement of faulty components for Echolab ID4 digital production switcher – Reg.
23. Uploading enquiry letter for painting work at Ground Floor Earth Station.Amended
New Amendment
24. Inviting quotations for Purchase of 40 Amps 4 Pole MCBs & Boxes with Plug & Sockets Reg.
25. Inviting quotations for the different type of works such as Wild growth cutting, removal of unwanted Debris to out side the Compound at HPT, Malakpet, Hyderabad – Reg.

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